Outlaw Frank Gardiner


Well Frank Gardiner he is caught at last he lies in Sydney gaol
For wounding Sergeant Middleton and robbing the Mudgee Mail
For plundering of the gold escort the Carcoar Mail also
And it was for gold he made so bold and not so long ago

His daring deeds surprised them all throughout the Sydney land
And on his friends he paid a call and he quickly raised a band
And fortune’s always favoured him until that time of late
Until Ben Hall and Gilbert met with their dreadful fate

Young Vane he has surrendered Ben Hall’s got his death wound
And as for Johnny Gilbert near Binalong was found
He was there with Dunn they were on the run when the troopers came in sight
Dunn wounded ran but the other man got slaughtered in the fight

Farewell, adieu to outlaw Frank, he was the poor man’s friend
The government has secured him for it’s laws he did offend
He boldly stood his trial and he answered with a breath
Do what you will you can but kill, and I have no fear of death

Day after day they remanded him, escorted from the bar
Fresh charges brought against him from neighbours near and far
And now it is all over and the sentence they have passed
All sought to find a verdict and ‘guilty’ was at last

When lives you take a warning boys no woman ever trust
She will turn round I will be bound, Queen’s evidence the first
He’s doing two and thirty years, he’s doomed to serve the crown
And well may he say, he rues the day he met with Kitty Brown

Traditional arranged by Andy Irvine – IMRO/MCPS

“Outlaw Frank Gardiner” is a song about the famous bushranger; Irvine wrote new music for it in the Bulgarian ‘chetvorno’ rhythm of 7
8 (3-2-2).


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