Băneasă’s Green Glade

In Băneasă’s green forest out under the trees
We’d lie on our backs we’d live at our ease
We’d wake in the morning at the first shafts of day
And watch the shy deer as they scampered away
We’d rise from our warm beds as the sun it got higher
And cook up our breakfast on a sweet scented fire
In the still early morning a cool gentle breeze
And the echo of woodpeckers ring through the trees
We’d sit in our glade till the heat of the day
Walk down to the zoo to sing and to play
Well the money rolled in and the people looked on
When the hat was quite full we’d up and be gone
In Dimbovitsa tavern we spent money free
And drank to our friends where’er they may be
We’d talk of old times fond memories we’d trade
At dusk we’d walk home to Băneasă’s Green Glade
Word & Music by Andy Irvine
“Băneasă’s Green Glade” was written by Irvine “after living in Băneasă forest just outside Bucharest for two months, busking outside the nearby zoo on Sundays and generally living a life of indolent drunkenness”.
Originally followed by “Mominsko Horo” is a Bulgarian dance adapted by Irvine and Lunny.
A re-worked version of the song is followed this time around by “Rumen Sirakov’s Daichevo”, Irvine’s solo adaptation of “Didinata”, a dance tune in 9
8 time (3–2–2–2) composed by Bulgarian tambura player Rumen Sirakov.

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