Captain Thunderbolt

When Flora’s flowerly mantle it bedecked each field with pride
I met a comely damsel down by Lough Allen side

Good morning to you fair maid I modestly did say
What has you out so early or where are you going this way
Her cheeks like blooming roses this fair young maid replied
I’m going to seek my father’s sheep down Lough Allen side

I boldy stepped up to her and I gave her a kiss
She says young ma be civil oh what do you mean with this
The grass being mossy where we stood her feet from her did glide
And we both fell down together down Lough Allen side

Three times I kissed her ruby lips as we lay down on the grass
And coming to herself again ’twas then she cried alas
Now you have has you will with me make me your lawful bride
…. me here to mourn down by Lough Allen side

Says I fair maid be aesy and from mourning now refrain
And we will speak of marriage sure when I come back again
And never let your courage fail no matter what betide
Until I see your face again down by Lough Allen side

So we kissed shook hands and parted and from her I did steer
I did not see her face again for over half a year
Walking down those flowery dells my love I chanced to spy
She was scarcely able for to walk down by Lough Allen side

I seemed to take no notice but continued on my way
And as I turned my head around she desired for to stay
The tears like crystal fountains and they down her cheeks did slide
Saying don’t forget the fall you gave down by Lough Allen side

Fair maid your offer it is good and I do like it well
But I’m already promised and the truth to you I’ll tell
Unto another fair maid that I mean to make my bride
She’s a whealty grazier’s daughter down by Lough Allen side

Oh since you will not marry me pray tell me your name
That when my baby it is born I may call it the same
My name is Captain Thunderbolt and the same I’ll never deny
I have good men at my command on yonder mountainside

So we kissed shook hands and parted and then she went her way
And as I turned my head around these words I heard her say
This ought to be a warning now to all fair maids besides
To never trust a young man down by Lough Allen side.


“Captain Thunderbolt” is usually called “The Shannonside”, but Irvine learned it from Tom Moran of Mohill, Co. Leitrim, who had changed it to “Lough Allen Side” to make it more localized. Captain Thunderbolt was a pseudonym often used by the United Irishmen around the time of the 1798 rising.


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