I drove to Oslo on a winter’s day
The snow was falling from the grey sky
I got lost and could not find my way
I pulled into a handy lay-by
And taking out my brand new mobile phone
I telephoned my old friend Lillebjørn
I’ll tell you what: we drank a lot
Until it came my time to leave-o

We had a party at Lillebjørn’s
The Akvavit was to my liking
Smoked meat and cracker bread
They said it came down from the Vikings
And Steiner played Hardanger fiddle tunes
And Øystin played and sang and very soon
I was in good cheer and I greatly fear
When my turn came I was not able

When I awoke next afternoon
My head was pounding, senses reeling
I got up and staggered round the room
What were those creatures on the ceiling?
And when I had my trousers halfway on
A dreadful thought came in my head-o
“Hang on a jiff’, I can’t remember if
I am getting up or going to bed-o!”

Well in The Dubliner we played a gig
Though we were all a bit hungover
A man got up and tried to dance a jig
It looked more like a Bossa Nova
I had some beers and I began to flirt
And pretty soon I was on ‘Blonde Alert’
“You’re too late you know, 30 years or so!”
She laughed and went home to her mammy

Down in the kitchen we were feeling fine
Spirits high and oh so cheery
The entertainment was provided by
Lillebjørn’s young daughter Siri
At drawing pictures she is very smart
She drew some clouds and said: “They’re angel farts!”
We were impressed by her inventiveness
It was a masterpiece quite clearly!

I drove to Sweden in a snowstorm
What were these angels getting up to?
From Gothenburg to Frederikshavn
I stood on deck and had a nice view
I drove through Denmark into Germany
And went to see my old friend Gabi
Then the long road, O heavy load
Until I came to Dublin City

So Lillebjørn we’ll meet again
We’ll have some beers and then some more-o
We’ll play ‘Vinterbro’, we’ll play ‘The Dream’
And we’ll play ‘Jenta From Chicago’
And if I go there on a winter trip
I’ll make quite sure I get my heater fixed
I’ll bring winter tyres and a snow plough
And double-glazing for my windows!

By Andy Irvine

Followed by “Norwegian Mazurka” Traditional arranged by A. Lien / L. Nielsen


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