Patrick Street

You sailor lads, come lend an ear, and listen to me song
it’s of a trick ’twas played on me, and won’t detain you long:
I came home from see the other day and a girl I chanced to meet
and she’s asked me up along with her to dance in Patrick Street

Well says I “me pretty fair maid, I cannot dance too well
besides I’m bound for Newry town where my parents they do dwell
I’ve been at sea these last few years and I’ve saved up fifty pounds
and me parents are expecting me, tonight in Newry town”

“Well since you cannot dance too well then you shall have a treat:
You can have a glass of brandy, and something nice to eat
At nine o’clock this evening I’ll lead you to your train
but don’t forget to call on me when you come back again”

Well she seemed to be so friendly, I went and hired a car
We both went down to Patrick Street and on arrival there
some people on the other side, I thought I heard them say
“He’ll sure be in need of a jaunting car, before he gets away”

We had not been long in the room when whiskey it came in
and when everyone had had their fill, the dancing did begin
Me and me love we danced around all to a merry tune
while the other couples did the double-shuffle ’round the room

And when dancin’ it was over, for bed we did prepare and
after that, I fell asleep – the Truth I do declare
me darling and me fifty pounds – me gold’n’all had fled!
And there was I meself alone stark naked lying in bed!

In gazing all around me nothing could I spy
but a woman’s skirt and jumper at the foot of the bed did lie
I wrung me hands and tore me hair cryin’ “Oh what will I do?
Oh fare the well sweet Newry town, I’m sure I’ll ne’er see you!”

When night-time it had come again and daylight was away
I put on the skirt and jumper and I set off for the quay
and when I got on board the ship the sailors all did say
“Oh Jack has grown much prettier since last she went away!

And is this the new spring fashion that you went to buy on shore?
And where’s the shop that sells them, d’you think they may have more?”
The captain says “Now Jack, I thought you were for Newry town;
you might have bought a better suit than that for fifty pounds!”

Well I might have bought a better suit if I had had the chance
I met a girl in High Street and she’s asked me to a dance
I danced me own destruction and I’ve done it so complete
that I swear I’ll never go back again to dance in Patrick Street”

Come all of you young sailor lads, a warning take by me
And always keep good company when you go on a spree
Be sure’n stay clear of Patrick Street or else you’ll rue the day
In a woman’s skirt and jumper they will ship you back to sea



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