Rainy Sundays




Words & Music by Andy Irvine

A nostalgic song reminiscing about a young lady called Vida, with whom Irvine pursued in “a one-sided romance in Ljubljana years ago.”

“For a man who loves rain as I do, Ljubljana in Yugoslavia is a good town for getting wet in. When it rains there, it lashes down. It’s on the main road to the East and any hitch-hiker on his way to Instanbul or beyond might find himself there. I got stuck there a few years ago and I wasn’t the only one. It’s a hard town to get out of. This song is about Vida. I have been to Ljubljana many times since but i never saw her again…..” – Andy Irvine Sleeve notes.


One comment

  1. Until you play them wrong (FOR SHE CRIED WHEN I WAS LEAVING
    BUT) now she’s long gone
    But the momenT’S flown and so’s the luck
    As lucky moments may
    And a windy dream can come unstuck
    On any Rainy Sunday.

    This is not on the studio album:
    Rainy sundays, windy dreams,
    Cloudy memories, fading scenes


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