Romanian Song (Blood And Gold)



Words by Jane Cassidy
Musik by Andy Irvine

“Romanian Song (Blood and Gold)”, based on a Romanian song collected by Béla Bartók, re-written by Irvine and Jane Cassidy and set to the music of a Bulgarian dance tune in the ‘paidushka’ rhythm of 5/16; the song then segues into “Paidushko Horo”, an extensive collection of musical phrases borrowed from Bulgarian dance tunes in the same rhythm and performed at breakneck speed.

“Many years ago I heard in Macedonia a great song, but did not understand the text. Some time later I came across a Romanian song that was recorded Béla Bartok, who was himself a Hungarian. Jane Cassidy designed this text for a translation and so here we have the result of a pan-European collaboration.”
Andy Irvine


One comment

  1. I think the Macedonian song was Rano mi e more, which has been recorded by Perunika Trio on their album, A Bright Star has Risen, EUCD 2409. In the English language liner notes, the title is given as Early Sunrise, and it says, “The Sun has risen early and shines on the cool morning dew. Young girls give wreaths of flowers to the shepherds, young brides – to the ploughmen, the groves and fields smell of dewy basil…”


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