Come To The Land Of Sweet Liberty

Our ship at the present lies in Derry Harbour
To bear us away o’er the wild swelling sea
May heaven be her pilot and grant us fond breezes
Till we reach the green fields of Amerikay.

Oh come to the land where we will be happy
Don’t be afraid of the storm o’er the sea
And it’s when we get over we will surely discover
That place is the land of sweet liberty.


Part of a trilogy of songs (“The Emigrants”), comprising: “Come To The Land Of Sweet Liberty” which seems to be part of “The Green Fields Of Amerikay” (which Irvine learnt from Len Graham), “Farewell To Old Ireland” (Irvine’s adaptation of “The Emigrant’s Farewell”,) and “Edward Connors” (which Irvine learnt from Eddie Butcher of Magilligan, County Londonderry).


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