Allan McLean

Get all things in order I’ll write with my pen
The trials and misfortune of Allan McLean
I was born in the Oulton, a minister’s son
Brought up with good learning ‘til my school days were done

Well I went to the college a scholar to be
But the wedding at Westfield it quite ruined me
John Allan, McGregor, McDermott and me
Went to the wedding bonnie lassies to see

Oh we danced and we drank and we took great delight
‘Til bonny Sally Allan came into my sight
Oh Sally, dear Sally, will you sit down by me
And tell me the news from your north country

Oh Sally, dear Sally will you take a dram
Oh yes, bonny Allan if it comes from your hand
We went to the broom in the middle of the night
We had neither coal nor candle but the moon gave us light

But her father the next morning to the college he came
He was all in a passion at Allan McLean
If it’s true says the Regent and I think it’s no lie
This day from Oulton College young Allan must fly

Today’s the recreation and tomorrow’s the Ball
And we’ll banish you Allan from the Oulton College Hall
She was a rich man’s daughter and I but a poor man’s son
And one word from her father and my college days were done

My fathers a minister and he preaches at Tain
And my mother dies in the Highlands and I dare not go home
But there’s Charlotte, the Royal lies ready for sea
And she takes goods and passengers and maybe she’ll take me

I intended for a minister but now that will not do
And it’s now as a doctor my life I must pursue
And it’s I’m bound for London a doctor to be
And then to Jamaica, strange countries to see

And if ever I return again as I hope I will
We will have a merry meeting by the Oulton College wall
And if ever I return again as I surely will
I will marry Sally Allan in spite of them all



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