Raoul Wallenberg



Written by Andy Irvine

“Raoul Wallenberg was a Swede who volunteered to take on the might of the SS in 1944 and save the Jews of Budapest from Eichmann and The Final Solution. Under the guise of being a diplomat in the legation, he issued Swedish passports, set up safe houses under the protection of the neutral Swedish flag and intercepted the death trains and marches. He is considered responsible for saving thousands of Jews from the horrors of Auschwitz.

When the Soviet army entered Budapest in 1945 however, they didn’t believe his story and took him to Moscow. The rest is clouded in mystery; the Russians still maintain he died shortly afterwards but the number of people reporting an acient Swede in various prison camps in the Gulag system – right up to the early 1980’s – cannot easily be discounted. There remains a possibility that he may be alive” Andy – Rude Awakening linear notes.



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