John Barlow

There was a lady lived in the West
And she was dressed in green
And she’s leaned over her father’s castle wall
To watch the ships sail in.

What is wrong with you her father he did say
You look so pale and wan
O have you any sore sickness
Or yet been sleeping with a man.

I have not had any sore sickness
But I’m in love with a young man
And the only thing that breaks my heart
Is what keeps my darling so long?

Is he a Lord or a Squire or a Duke
Or a man of noted fame
Or is he one of my serving men
That’s lately come out of Spain?

He is not a Lord, or a Squire or a Duke
Nor a man of noted fame
But he is young John from the isle of Man
And I think he is a fine young man.

O, send him down, the saucy clown
O, send him down onto me
For if he is thinking to gain my daughter’s hand
He must leave this country.

O father dear now don’t be severe
And don’t be cruel onto me
For if you banish young John Barlow
You will get no good of me.

But the King he has sent for his merry, merry men
And his merry men thirty and three
And instead of young John been the very first one
The very last one came he.

He entered the room young John Barlow
And the clothes that he wore were of silk
And his two blue eyes like the morning sky
And his skin was as white as milk.

It’s no wonder the King he did say
My daughter’s in love with thee
For had I been a woman as I am a man
My bedfellow you would have been.

Will you wed my daughter he said
Will you take her by the hand
And will you wed my daughter he said
And be Lord over all my land?

O, I will wed your daughter he said
But she’s no match for me
For every pound she can count down
I can count thirty and three.

He’s mounted her on a milk white steed
Himself on a dapple grey
And he’s made her a Lady of as much land
As she could ride in a long summer’s day.

Hi mate !

Just wanted you to know that John Barlow was recorded on a Lp, called “Patris” (Homeland) by the Greek band, “Apodimi Compania”, on Brunswick Recordings 0010, 1990, Melbourne, Australia. Andy plays Bouzouki and sings. Manoli Galiatsos plays the Oud and George Galiatsos plays the Guitar.

Andy told me that he had learnt the song from Robert Cinnamond of Co, Antrim, who would not recognise it if he heard it now !!!!!!!

George Galiatsos

Many thanks to George for getting in touch. What a gent.

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