Moorlough Shore

Last night I went to see my love
To hear what she might say
To see if she might pity me before I go away
She says: I love a sailorboy he is the lad I do adore
So take this for your answer now and trouble me no more

Maybe your sailor he is lost while crossing the wide main
Or he has found another love and he’ll never come back again
Well if my sailor boy is lost no other will I take
Through lonesome shades and valleys I will wonder for his safe

Our ship she lies in water pond all ready to set sail
May kind providence be stone on us and finding a pleasant gail
O if I had ten thousand pounds or that much more in store
I would give it all to the girl I love that dwells near the Moorlough Shore

Farewell onto you Antrims groves likewise to the bleaching green
Where the limnin’ web lies pure and white beside young crystal trees
Where many happy hours I have spend but now alas they’re all lost
Since the girl I love has vanished me far far from the Moorlough Shore

Many thanks to Jochanai Doffkowitz for the lyrics.


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