Changing Trains (2007)
Saul Away Ladies / Walking in the Parlor
The Wind Blows over the Danube
Reuben’s Transatlantic Express (Reuben’s train)
The Humours of Parov
The Ballad of Reynardine / Johnny Cuig
Mary Rogers (Mary Mhaggie) / Siún Ní Dhuibhir
Train on the Island / Big Hoedown
The Pigfarm Suite (The Groves of Myrtle)
Carrowclare (Nights in Carrowclare)
Live from the Powerhouse (2004)

My Heart’s Tonight in Ireland / Robinson County / The Trip to Durrow
Suleman’s Kopanitsa
The Rocky Road to Dublin / Indian Ate the Woodchuck
Romainian Hora / Black Jack Grove
Sandansko Oro / Mechkin Kamen
Pony Boy / Never Tire of the Road
A Blacksmith Courted Me / Blacksmithereens
Field Hollar Medley
Baneasa’s Green Glade
Smeseno Horo
The Last Dance
The Long And The Short Of It (2019)
The Black Hills Waltz / The Red Steer
My Little Carpenter
Like A Soft Breeze
The Coast Of Peru
As Good As It Gets / The Blue Trouser Suit
Rainbow ‘Mid The Willow
The Song Of The Nightingale
Old Virginia
The Long And The Short Of It / De Doi

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