Abocurragh (2010)
The Close Shave / East at Glendart
James Magee
The Girl from Cushendun / The Love of my Life
Victory at Lawrence
The Demon Lover
Banks of Newfoundland
Oslo / Norwegian Mazurka
Way Out Yonder (2000)
Way Out Yonder [Instrumental]
On A Distant Shore [Instrumental]
Rain on the Roof (1995)
Baneasa’s Green Glade / Daichevo Horo
Rain on the Roof / The Blue Mountains of New South Wales
Pamela’s Ruchenitsa / Gruncharsko Horo / Baker’s Dozen
Come With Me Over the Mountain / A Smile in the Dark
Take No Prisoners / Old Brunswick
Rude Awakening (1991)
Viva Zapata
The Whole Damn Thing
Rude Awakening
Rainy Sundays… Windy Dreams (1980)
The Emigrants
Longford Weaver / Christmas Eve
Farewell to Ballymoney
Paidushko Horo
Bonny Woodhall (Bonus Track)
Rare & Misc. Recordings
An Irish Dream
John Barlow
In The Garden
Unreleased Songs

Buffalo Skinners
Sweet Bann Water
The Blind Harper
The Man that Shot the Dog
Ranger’s Command

I Thought That It Was Raining
Lawrence 1912
Molly Bawn
Shining Star
The Ballad Of Ben Hall
The Ballad Of Harry Houdini (title unconfirmed)
The Ballad Of Frank Ryan
The Douglas Tragedy
Victor Hara of Chile
You and I in One Bed Lie


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