Billy Far Out


I’ll sing you a song of Billy Far Out,
True story without a shadow of a doubt
He lived in Melbourne in Footscray
But he found himself up Sydney way

He had an old car it was tired and worn
It was built before Noah was born
But Billy and his mates on one fine day
They set out for Footscray without delay

By the time that they arrived in Yass
Fourth gear was a thing of the past
But Billy and his mates they were not bereft
They said we’ve still got three gears left

With Gundegai five miles away
They stopped for a beer and Billy did say
Whatever that dog did in the tucker box
It can’t compare with the smell of me sox

O happy as Larry and sound as a bell
They were dreaming of the beer in the Retreat Hotel
When they came in sight of Albury
Third gear it was history

Says Billy we’ll have to drive from here
All the way to Melbourne in second gear
Well second gear it wasn’t the worst
Forty miles later they were down to first

They entered the city in the finest style
Leading a procession of seventeen miles
When they came to Brunswick the mates got out
See yez all later says Billy Far Out

When Billy got back in the driving seat
He found first gear was dead on it’s feet
But Billy didn’t swear and Billy didn’t curse
He set out for Footscray in reverse

Come one come all from near and far
Come all who drive automatic cars
Like Billy Far Out your final abode
May be living in a banger on the side of the road
Living in an old banger on the side of the road

By Andy Irvine – IMRO/MCPS

“Billy Far Out” is an amusing song about the vagaries of travelling in an unreliable car and was written by Irvine after similar experiences during one of his Australian tours; its tune and accompaniment are based on a 1931 recording of “A Lazy Farmer Boy” by Buster Carter & Preston Young.


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