Patrick Street

Patrick Street (1986)
Patrick Street / The Carraroe Jig
Walter Sammon’s Grandmother / Concertina Reel / Brendan McMahon’s
The Shores of Lough Gowna / Contentment is Wealth / Have a Drink With Me
French Canadian Set La Cardeuse
Loftus Jones
The Dream / Indiana
Martin Rochford’s Reel / Roll Out the Barrel / The Earl’s Chair
Mrs. O’Sullivan’s Jig / Calliope House


No. 2 Patrick Street (1988)
John Mckenna’s Jigs
Hard by Seifin/Woodcock Hill
Benton’s Jig/Benton’s Dream
Caherlistrane Jig/Gallowglass Jig/Kanturk Jig
Jenny Picking Cockles/An Gabhrán/Jack Keane’s Reel
Sweeney’s Wheel


Irish Times (1990)
Music for a Found Harmonium
Brian O’Lynn / The Woods of Old Limerick
The Newmarket Polkas
Doorus Mill/The Rolling Reel / The Ballygow Reel / Dennis Murphy’s Reel,
In the land of the Patagarang
Boston O’Connor / John Gaffney’s Fling / The Kerryman’s Fling


All In Good Time (1992)
Walsh’s Polkas
Frank Quinn’s Reel / Lad O’Beirne’s / Murphy’s Reel
(a) The Pride Of The Springfield Road
(b) Lawrence Common
(c) Goodbye Monday Blues
Light & Airy / All in Good Time
The Mouth Of The Tobique / Billy Wilson
The Thames Hornpipe / The Fairy Queen
Dennis Murphy’s Reel / The Bag Of Spuds / MacFarley’s Reel
Lynch’s Barn Dances


Corner Boys (1996)
The White Petticoat / The Kerry Jig / Katy is Waiting
Sweet Lisbweemore
Mike McDougall’s / Paddy Canny’s / Jim Keefe’s
Devanney’s Goat / The Leitrim Rover / Michael Ryan’s
The Kanturk Polka / Joe Burke’s
Portarlington Jig / Billy McCormick’s / Munster Buttermilk
Pity the Poor Hare:
(a) On Yonder Mill
(b) Merrily Tripping
(c) O’er The Plain
(d) The Kilgrain Hare
(e) Pity the Poor Hare
The Lighthouse / Neilie Boyle’s
Down by Greer’s Grove, Killanan’s Fancy / The Dash to Portobello / Anna Maculeen


Made in Cork (1997)
Bring Back the Child/Paidin O’Rafferty
The Coalminer/The Heather Breeze/Turf House
The Midnight Ramble/The Bogman/The Old Stage
Maurice O’Keefe’s/Sonny Rearden’s
Where Lilies Bloom/The Village Tavern/The Four Cross Roads
Spanking Maggie from the Ross
The Winding Stairs/Ride a Mile
When Adam Was in Paradise
The Raven Through the Bog/The Forester
Up to Your Neck in Sand/Coffey’s Reel/John Brennan from Sligo


Live From Patrick Street (1999)
McKenna’s Jigs
The Rahbeen Medley
Bring Back The Child / Paidin O’Rafferty
Wild Rover No More
Three Slides: Unnamed Slide/Johnny O’Leary’s Slide/Micho Russell’s Slide
Jack the Bridge / Cul Aodh Polka / The Salmon Tailing Up the River
Music for a Found Harmonium
McDermott’s Reel / The Plough and the Stars / Miss McLeod’s Reel


Street Life (2002)
Saddle the Pony/The Boys of the Town/The Frost Is All Over [Jigs]
The Old Reel-Drowsy Maggie/Kay Girroir Reels
If We Had Built a Wall/The March of Time
Down in Matewan/Lost Indian
Down by the Old Fairy Fort/The Whistler and His Dog (Hornpipes)
The Diamantina Drover
Art O’Keefe’s/Forget Your Troubles/Joe Bane’s/Kiskeam [Slides and Polka]
King of the Pipers/Free and Easy/The House on the Hill/O’Keefe’s [Jigs]


On the Fly (2007)
Na Ceannabháin Bhána (The Little Fair Canavans)/Páidín O Raifeartaigh
Martin Wynne’s/Jackie Coleman’s/Malynn’s Fancy [Reels]
Happy to Meet Sorry to Part/Old Apples in Winter/Cherish the Ladies [Jigs]
Seanamhac Tube Station [Air-Jig]
Down the Broom/The Gatehouse Maid/Mulvihill’s [Reels]
The Galway Shawl [Song]
The Long Acre/’Cuz’ Teahan’s [Hornpipes]
The Return of Spring/The Mountain Path [Polkas]
The Boys of Malin/John Stenson’s Nos 1 & 2 [Reels]

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